I love original works of art I can't find in big box stores. There's something magical and personal when an artist takes a piece and designs it with you in mind. Jennifer Upton is the kind of artist who helps people connect to the beauty around them. I see her artistry as an invitation for me to see the world differently.

- Marvia Davidson 

"After my grandpa passed away last year I knew I wanted to give a gift to several members of my family that would mean a lot to them and would remind them of the love and legacy my grandpa left us. I knew that Jennifer Upton could deliver. I have followed her work closely for the last few years and have watched her grow into an amazing artist who truly values the stories behind her art. She created several metal prints for my family that celebrated and honored my grandpa in a profound way. Her work is top notch and made with the same love and dedication that she would pour into something for herself. Jennifer values story and the telling of the story through her work. Her beautiful prints now hang proudly in the homes of 5 of my family members and each one expressed their admiration of the uniqueness and thoughtfulness of each piece."

-Alison Luna 

I love the By Jennifer Upton artwork. You can see the love & attention to detail she puts into every single handmade piece. Not only are the photos captivating, but the mounting style is unique & engaging. I have bought pieces for my home and several as gifts as well. Plus, I've had a custom piece made too. The process was simple and she gives you options to customize it as much as possible. I highly encourage others to check out her work. And her price point is amazing!

-Kristen Ketcham