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Hello! I'm the Artist.


Each piece of work I create has its own unique fingerprint thanks to the process I use to transfer the photograph onto the steel. Even if I make two pieces with the same photo, the end result will be different. There’s a special beauty in that uniqueness that continually pushes me forward, and makes each interaction you have with my creations something that only exists once. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s really cool.


In today’s world, with so many things identically mass produced, having handmade, local options that you connect to, that can hang proudly on your wall and be paired with a story or a memory every time you look at them, that’s important to me. If you’re here looking for your next piece of art, I hope it’s important to you, too.


One of my favorite feelings in the world is when a customer says to me, “I have not been down that exact road you photographed, but I have been down that road.” It’s that instant connection, that honor that comes from having resonated so deeply in a soul, that I always hope to evoke.

Hey, I’m Jennifer, an Atlanta based artist and photographer. It’s taken me years to perfect my process, and I feel lucky to see pieces of my life’s biggest relationships within my work every day. As the daughter of a construction man and the wife of a builder, the remnants of construction projects, like galvanized steel and wood, have always been a facet in my life. The day I realized I could make them part of my artistic process, something in the universe aligned.

If you’re looking for just another graphic print, this isn’t your place. But if you’re looking for a unique, customizable photographic story told in a new way, or a moment captured that speaks to you deeply, I’m happy to offer that. Whether you are interested in a piece created with my own photography or want to create a custom gift using your photos or the photos of a loved one, my process can get you there, and leave you with something special on more levels than one.

I'd love to create something for you. 


Will be in touch soon!